Supporting business growth and change

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Planning, implementing and “bedding in” change is a big commitment and one which you might be managing whilst also running “the day job”. It’s also a fact that employees react, and respond differently depending on the nature of the change and the implications for them personally.

You may be facing change because:

  • Competition is increasing and you need to keep your business viable
  • You want to grow and expand your business
  • You have recently bought the business and want to make it your own

We can tailor a programme to suit you from our 4 change management services:

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Defining and agreeing change

We will help you to clarify why change is needed, what you want to achieve, and how to get there. We will organise and facilitate discussions with you and your team to plan out the changes you need to make and we will prepare a plan covering all the HR and employment implications of those changes. We will also work with you in discussions with your staff so that everyone understands what is going on, why and what it means for them.
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Designing for a change

We will work with you to practically implement the HR and employment-related measures which will enable you to make changes in your business successfully. This can involve making changes to the organisational structure of your business, preparing job descriptions and working through processes and the documentation needed to move people into new roles (for example recruitment, redeployment, redundancy, new terms and conditions of employment). Making changes can be disruptive in the short term particularly if your staff are worried by, or are resisting the changes because they don’t understand what is going on. We will work with you to make sure that they are involved, either as a group or on a 1-to-1 basis and that you respond effectively to their questions or concerns about their jobs.
Communicating and engaging with change

Communicating and engaging with change

We will help you consider the wider implications and outcomes of changes in and around your business, and identify the opportunities which exist if you engage all your stakeholders in the process. The changes you are making will mean that you need to invest time and effort with your key stakeholders – employees, suppliers, advisors, sub-contractors and customers – to make sure everyone understands the changes you have made, and what they all mean for your business relationships and working arrangements. We will help you to identify what you want to say and why, the different routes and tools for communicating with each stakeholder group and how to build the responses you receive into your business plans and working arrangements.
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Implementing change

We will help you to identify the measures which you should put in place to sustain the changes and new ways of working you have introduced into your business. These include reviewing performance management and pay structures and making judicious investments in staff training and development so that you have the knowledge and skills you need to deliver your business plans. We will help you by designing and implementing a straightforward and simple to use performance appraisal arrangement, a pay structure which is affordable and fair, and staff training and development arrangements which fit with your business plans and mean you don’t waste money sending the wrong people on the wrong courses.