Fulfilling your employment responsibilities

Illustration of a person signing a contract - www.collins-green.co.uk
Contracts, policies and handbooks set out how your business complies fairly and consistently with employment legislation and other regulations relating to individuals working for your business. They need to be clear, consistent, non-discriminatory, and easily accessible to all employees.

Our comprehensive compliance service ensures that you fulfil your employment responsibilities by:

Reviewing HR documents

Completing a review of the suite of documents and records you have currently to check that they are up to date, legally compliant and that you have all you need. We will provide you with a concise report showing what we have found and identifying (if relevant) opportunities for making some changes which will reduce the risks of things being misunderstood. We also provide recommendations on matters you might want to consider.

Producing and updating HR documents

We can either produce the documents you need (immediately, or as and when required), review what you produce, or come to some other arrangements for making sure that you are able to keep you up to date with HR contractual and policy requirements without too much difficulty.

Training and briefing staff

For employment arrangements to be managed effectively it is important that individuals who are responsible for delivering the policies or procedures understand them. We will prepare and deliver briefings for everyone with these responsibilities so that you have the confidence that they know what to do.

Keeping you up-to-date

Once all your documentation is in place we will provide you with updates on a regular basis so that you can be assured that you are always up-to-date with your employment responsibilities.