Agreeing the way forward

Illustration of two people shaking hands with drawing of people on top of the hands with a speech bubble saying Way Forward -

What HR issues are you facing?

Key issues clients come to us for help with include:

  • Producing HR policies and procedures
  • Responding to a grievance and an appeal
  • Using disciplinary procedures and hearing appeals
  • Resolving complaints about harassment or bullying quickly and positively
  • Managing performance and capability issues

How would you like us to work with you?

Our first step when we receive an enquiry or request for HR advice is to meet with you in person to:

  • Listen to your needs
  • Get an understanding of your business, your plans and ambitions
  • Look at your current HR arrangements
  • Find out your preferred way of working e.g. online, by telephone or face-to-face

As a result of the initial review meeting with you we:

  • Create an actionable “people plan”, with our recommendations on the HR needs of your business and any quick tips you can implement straight away
  • Submit a proposal on how we could work together

Our vision for working with you, and your business is simple:

  • We want to help you and your business to be successful
  • We want you to be a good employer
  • We want to help you to move working relationships and people forward as your business progresses
  • We want to work with you for a long time

We can be available to do one off pieces of work, provide support on an “as and when” basis or we can support you through a regular, retained services arrangement, if that’s better for your organisation. You may want support from us for a specific project such as planning and implementing changes which impact directly on your workforce. We can either provide you with consultancy services on specific issues or physically work alongside you and your team to practically deliver the changes you need to make.